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Challenges of Transformation from traditional to digital marketing

Friday, 31 October 2014 06:20

When it comes to brands that have truly made the leap from merely traditional marketing to marketing in a digital world, digital is an incredibly powerful way to connect with customers on a wide range.

There isn't one road map for digital marketing transformation that works for all companies. It means a reorganization of the marketing practice for some but an adaptation of new digital technology and enabling faster communication and better understanding of customers for the others.

 Digital marketing

Digital marketing transformation may be a headache


It is clear that one needs to have integrated digital platforms such as social media, online pr,... across the business to forge those customer relationships online.. By doing so, s/he can develop faster and deeper understanding about customers’ demand and how to access to clients…

 Platforms for integrated digital marketing solutions

Platforms for integrated digital marketing solutions


Transformation to digital marketing is top-of-mind for many enterprise marketers but they face with the daunting challenge of force-fitting new digital business models into old-school practices. And many of them acknowledge to be careful and make slow progress.

Digital platform can extend the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. At the same time, the excessively rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt traditional business models. If with traditional models, you have to make an event with high cost for hire human to manage and operate to reach 2000 people, on digital marketing platforms we can control this issues via digital team with lower cost and hundreds of thousand audiences via Internet.

 Challenges of transformation into digital marketing

Challenges of transformation into digital marketing


According Quintos – Dell CMO, he has some advices for us if we can take digital transformation:

      -    Be credible to customers: They have to believe that what you promise is also something you can deliver.

      -    Empower your employees: They have to believe that your transformation is real and that they have the tools and resources they need to carry it out every day.

      -    Align with the business strategy: Marketing is no longer just about creative advertising campaigns and messaging; CMOs need to be a trusted strategic player and deliver real business results that impact the company’s bottom line.

      -   Innovation internally shines through externally: Marketing the company’s internal digital transformation gives an opportunity to serve as best practice for the industry and our customers. We have the opportunity to lead the conversation on digital and drive strategic results for the business.

      -   Innovation should not be stagnant: New technologies, advertising platforms, and engagement models will continue to be introduced; CMOs need to continually reassess whether procedures internally are resulting in desired outcomes. If not, it’s time to create a new path.

 Be credible to customer - According Quintos  Dell CMO

Be credible to customer - According Quintos  Dell CMO


With more than 30 million Vietnamese people active on social networks and much less budget for marketing, KingBee suggests small and medium size enterprises to carefully move towards digital marketing transformation with a concrete strategy to harness its strengths and mitigate its challenges.

Here are some advices from our team:

      -     Pushing-up social media communication but you must have effective measures of risks management.

      -    Making use of attractive and viral content for both print and online PR. You can reach larger audiences in a short time if you have smart plan and quality content.  

 Pushing-up social media communication but you must have effective measures of risks management

Digital Tranformation from KingBee - According Mr Tuong Tran - CEO KingBee


In a word, if you choose to transform from traditional to digital marketing, you should be ready for changes not only in your marketing practice but also in the way you run the business, empower your people, make decision and adapt new challenges.


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