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Don't Be a Viral Marketing Casualty

Monday, 25 March 2013 16:55

We are all talking, hear the chatter? Listen. Can you hear them? We are talking about your product and your service. We are talking about music and we are talking about movies.

Do you know where we are?

We are interacting in the realm of social media. We are taking viral marketing to new heights. Guess who is suffering? Can you name the victims of viral marketing gone bad? I can name several but today I want to focus on the movie industry. What does that have to do with marketing? Well, perhaps you are the next "movie industry?"

This past weekend a new movie by the name of 2012 hit the theatres. A movie that was predicted to do well. Perhaps they would have had the viral marketing not taken place? Who knows. We do know the movie got people talking and the reviews were poor. As a matter of fact, when we look at statistics consider the following:

2012 had a reported budget of $40m, it opened on 2,160 screens, taking in just $694,782. According to Yahoo Movies, that works out as roughly two viewers for every screening. Ouch!

We saw a different effect when it came to Paranormal Activity. This movie was deemed the viral phenomenon. The reviews very complimentary and a movie with a low budget for marketing screamed success at the box office. when compared to 2012 consider the following:

Paranormal Activity was a very low-budget film, reportedly costing $11,000. It started off playing in fewer than 200 theaters and brought in $7.1 million over a weekend. This is a for a limited-release film. The film had an impressive $44,163 per-screen average and placement in the top five of the box office ratings over the weekend.

Which movie would you like to be the producer of? I think I'm pretty sure I could guess your answer.

Oh well, why are we talking about this - we are supposed to be talking about marketing so, who cares, they are just movies, right?

Wrong, this is where we are today. People are talking can you hear them? What are they saying about you?

Will the viral marketing channels help in making your product or service a success or failure? Will you have a box office hit or a box office failure?

This is what you need to be asking yourself, because the power of viral marketing is real. Have we as consumers just become more opinionated or are our voices just finally being heard?

We have finally arrived into an age where the opinion of the consumers matters and, if you aren't listening, well shame on you.

How can you make sure the viral marketing arena is your cheerleader? I'll share with you three key factors that will help you remain in tip top shape on the viral marketing playground:

  1. Mean what you say and say what you mean.
  2. Stand behind your product or service.
  3. Under promise and over deliver ... always!

These three things will make sure that what is said about your product or service is a reflection of your best qualities not your flaws. You also want to continue to monitor mentions of your products or services and, when there is a problem (and there will be, there always are), stand up and be a man about it; correct the problem in the public stream. This will create credibility and trust. When you don't address an issue or a problem, you are only asking to become another viral marketing casualty.

The power is in the hands or our consumers, but if we truly care about those that purchase from us, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Over time, we will see companies weeded out for their treatment of customers and we will see other companies rise to the top for good ethics and customer service.

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