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Managers’ desire in 2010

Monday, 25 March 2013 16:35

After nearly 10 years with L & A (Le & Associates) specializes in providing human resource solutions to businesses, has come right out of their operating position to the other step up. With this change his, her wish for assuring L & A growth in recent years while providing more for the business community, new services and sophisticated.


Private company shares KingBee Media Communications, manage two channels: website and Publications Office 360, which they recently formed a friendship with the desire to bring optimal efficiency for businesses in the communications building and brand development. But desire is the highest Motibee community will grow more and more on the website daily. There, from 18-35 years old you will have the information and practical knowledge, diversity and more perspective from different angles on the field of personal development and careers. Next is hoping businesses will be more enthusiastic when participating in the direct marketing activities with the community to have more members and business interests have more customers. The detailed plan which outlines the Board of Directors in conjunction with the efforts of a team of young, dynamic and rich Motibee capacity of 360 and the Department will promote the growth boom that shareholders expect.

On the macro, then we want the business environment will be more favorable than the 2010, a pivotal year for the recovery and economic growth.

As manager of the magazine release 79/80 May 1 - 2 / 2010


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