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Secrets To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Monday, 25 March 2013 16:54

There is a reason that businesses both large and small launch an email campaign...they work. If you are looking for a way to increase the bottom line of your business then selling your products with an email campaign is a great way to get started.

The Successful Email Campaign

In order for an email campaign to be successful there are certain things that must be done. Today I am going to give you a list of exactly what you need to ensure that your campaign is successful.


1 - Deliverability - Deliverability is undoubtedly the most important part of an email campaign. If the ISP's won't deliver your email your campaign has failed before it starts.

Choose your web host wisely. Sure there are cut rate hosts out there that give you unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for an absurdly low price, but there is a hidden catch.

These hosts are most often resellers who could care less how the domains they host operate. As a result any domain that is associated with them pays the price. That price is the loss of deliverability.

Check your host's reputation with list sites such as Spamhaus and SpamAssassin. If you find that they are blacklisted, find a reputable host immediately.


email marketing campaign


2 - Can-Spam Compliance- To be Can-Spam compliant it's recommended that you use a double opt-in format for you list building efforts.

Never buy email lists and add them to your email list. Build your lists legitimately.

Always include a way for your subscribers to unsubscribe quickly and easily in every message that you send.

Can-Spam requires that you display your physical address in each and every message as well.


3 - HTML vs. Plain Text - Give your subscribers the ability to choose how they receive your messages.

Even though HTML messages are more advantageous to you in the form of the ability to track opens and hide long web addresses it is important that you give your subscribers a choice.


4 - Subject and From- Subject and form fields are super important for a successful email campaign.

Your from field should be consistent. Choose one name and use it consistently, changing the from field can quickly result in lower open rates.

Subjects must be short and powerful, grabbing the attention of your reader. Resist the urge to use all CAPS, try using... instead. Consistency is also important in the subject field as well.


5 - Personalization- When you set up your opt-in form ask the reader to enter their first name, you can then use this name to personalize your messages for a better response rate.

All quality autoresponders have syntax that you can use to include the first name in the message. Use it to increase conversion rate.


6 - Timing- Even though the Internet is 24-7-365, believe it or not there is a best time for your subscribers to get your message. Studies have shown that the best response is to email that arrives between Tuesday and Thursday.

That doesn't mean that weekends or Monday's don't work, only that those are the most congested times with billions of messages being sent.


7 - Get a Pro- If you find that your email campaign is not producing the way that you think it should you might consider hiring a professional email copywriter.

Sure you are going to have to pay for a copywriter but the increase in income that is generated could increase dramatically.


Your Successful Email Campaign

Every business can enjoy success with an email campaign if it is done correctly. Don't be one of the businesses that blindly build lists and send messages. Use the tips in this article to ensure that your email campaign is both successful and profitable.


J. Allen Reeves


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