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Success from soft skills

Monday, 25 March 2013 16:33

Most managers and recruiters have complained the lack of young and very weak on soft skills, most do not meet job requirements, although they have good qualifications ...
Mr. Ngo Dinh Duc, General Director of human resources solutions company L & A said: "Research by L & A in enterprises (DN) shows 80% of an individual success thanks to the soft skills not only thanks to the "hard skills" (knowledge). But the soft skills training in schools is now left open, while many students are not aware of the importance and necessity of soft skills.

Another study showed that L & A, 70% of graduates applying for a job is difficult because there is no shortage of experience and skills needed. Opportunity to find suitable work, high wages, good environment in big companies or foreign corporations are quite distant. In companies, corporations have long thick activities and organizations complete, to a lack of staff communication skills, teamwork, presentation skills, speaking before the crowd, planning skills skills, personal mastery ... restriction is difficult to make them harmonious and long-lived.
Mr. Germany for example:
"Intel has been disappointed when recruiting staff for the 2000 investment projects in Vietnam, but only 40 people qualified hard knowledge and soft skills. "But, to recruit 40 students this is also not easy because they are hardly aware of the strengths itself, or that do not demonstrate their ability to excel and are often confused when talking about yourself "
Another example, in an interview to recruit a company, is discussing business professional, the employer suddenly suddenly asked not to eat what type of work being recruited, for example: "As children, when non-use a knife to butter both the ground surface will, in butter or no butter? "true intentions of the employers through the questions" vague "as to test soft skills the candidate must convince the employer to answer your message. "Therefore, learning and skills training should be seen as soft issues are of particular interest," Mr. German noted.

You Ngoc Ha - PR employees, the company Golden share: "I have participated soft skills courses and it has made me confident style, strong in communication, fluent, thoughts logic, to help me handle all affairs in life are more agile. This is not just the skills necessary for life but also the skills employers are very concerned by their enormous influence to the young has been to integrate the working environment and efficient on the job or not. "

Exercise regularly and learn

According to Bui Quang Vinh masters, lecturers City University of Technology, skills "soft" (soft skills) are terms of skills important in human life, such as lifestyle, communication, leadership, team work, time management, relaxation, overcome crises, creativity and innovation ... That's what you do not learn in school, not related to professional knowledge, intangible but depends on the properties of each person. They decide who you are, how to work, is a measure of efficiency in work.
Master Vinh said, is a training center had short-term courses on soft skills. Most of these centers in the form of teaching experience (experience exchange, games and exercises) combined with open discussions, group discussions, presentations, games, short lecture, role playing, practice ... The faculty-based approach to learner-centered view to promoting the active participation of students. The learning activities will facilitate students to take advantage of the experience, knowledge and skills available in order to change attitudes and behavior at work. Specifically with skills training approach to build personal brand, students are provided with the test, the psychological abilities to discover yourself, orientation, training habits of thinking and positive action, to own style of thinking and action.
"To study the effectiveness of this course, students themselves have to know what you're missing and need to be supplemented by the real spirit of learning rather than" to know. " These young people bring ideas passive "What school are you know this will disadvantage these young people know more actively cultivate their lack of knowledge," Masters Vinh stressed.


FPT University is considered a pioneer in the University of soft skills training for students. From within the field of training, beginning in 2009, FPT University has expanded skills training programs of their software to 60 secondary schools in the Hanoi area.
You can also find children to school Training and Manpower Development Asia (HCMC). This field has 60 specialized skills such as planning work and personal business, selling skills, sales skills, presentation skills presentation skills, leading branding ... Details of courses visit: / khoahoc / industry / ky-nang-mem. In addition, the Career Development Community Motibee ( are implementing training programs for the soft skills of community members through the offline.

Thuy Nguyen - Quynh Anh
According to PC World - No. 112 August 02.2010


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